To me, a wicked man who is also eloquent seems the most guilty of them all. He’ll cut your throat as bold as brass, because he knows he can dress up murder in handsome words.

seeing my cats after a week always feels so good


Foto #vintage di coppie lesbiche #loveislove

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a show to go on air tonight that I must attend to. Must be those maternal instincts again. 

I knew someone, and he believed that the truth is something you don’t have to lie about.


Happy Birthday, Greta Garbo! | 18 September, 1905 – 15 April, 1990.

“She has this great appeal to the world because she expresses her emotions by thinking them. Garbo does not need gestures and movements to convey happiness, despair, hope and disappointment, joy or tragedy. She registers her feelings literally by radiating her thoughts to you.”  Clarence Brown

It’s about a young girl, a young and foolish girl, who sees something from her bedroom window which she doesn’t understand, but she thinks she does.

SLYTHERIN APPRECIATION WEEK → day five » favourite dynamic between two slytherins 
↳ Bellatrix Black and Narcissa Black

first day back at school

already a song to learn for tomorrow

missbingleys replied to your post “my therapist insisted that i tell her about my dreams, but since last…”

I just laughed so hard omg. Meanwhile I don’t tell my psychologist my dreams because she doesn’t need to know how I get chased by caterpillars

it was weird because she didn’t look like caroline per se, she looked like herself but i called her caroline ???? also my dad looked like benedict cumberbatch wtf

hahahaha omg i’m imagining you being chased by caterpillars haha