You have the wrong soundtrack on your movie. Early 70's folk rock ? Wrong wrong wrong. It is an attitude thing - I should know. Every time I get a sniff of a man, I go all Stravinsky.

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it is something everyone needs in their life, to be honest. the jennifer becton one so far i think is better, and more true to caroline’s character but idk i’ll have to finish the other one.

keep me updated *wink wink* 



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my name is MARGUERITE i’m a wild flower i’m the new Anna Chancellor my face is out of this world there’s nothing you can say against me i dare you to try i’d find your house anyway cause i’M A POSTMAN

okay so the jennifer becton one is a plus and i’m reading this one by monica fairview (i think) now and the plot of all of them is basically ‘i hate you so much fuck me until i can’t walk’ and it’s a+

i obviously need this in my life

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yes please my god. have you read the caroline bingley centric post p&p novels?

nooo i need to ! i know the one by jennifer becton is pretty good - i didn’t know there were others ?? 

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i will fight someone to the death if they hate caroline bingley.

the caroline bingley fight club - protecting caroline from the angry fangirls since 1813 

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flicking through a little book of sex tips, remember when the boys were all electric?


The girls I follow on this website are unreal looking. UNREAL. ya’ll are so pretty I hope you feel that pretty everyday